In English

The night of the “huldra” is a magical evening event that takes place in a nature reserve the week after midsummer – the summer solstice.

A huldra is a Scandinavian mythical being that also is called a “skogs-rå” (forest caretaker).
We use the huldra as a metaphore in this event. Around 9 p.m. we welcome the audience
and a guide takes them out into the forest. After a while, another guide takes over.
He then  dramatically shows the audience the difference between an untouched and a cultivated forest.
Later the audience arrives at a small forest lake and are seated on a small cliff.
A concert sublty starts in the dusk, carrying the music over the trees, echoing away into fantasy.
Along the concert, we carefully enhance and awaken the forest around the audience to the point
where the audience doesn’t know what’s us or what’s in their imagination. Suddenly you start
to see things that aren’t really there. Or are they?

The event concludes with “wilderness” soup and another smaller concert before
the audience is guided back to the parking lot where it all started.

If wanted and for larger groups we can do this event in German or English.